Raft Parking, pick-up, & Drop-off

All homemade rafts must be dropped off in sand springs sunday 9/1

**Canoes & Kayaks allowed to drop-off Sunday, but not required.

Homemade rafts are required to be in Sand Springs Case Community Park Sunday from 1:00 - 5:00 to be dropped off and ran through a Auxiliary Coast Guard safety check. You must have the required items:

Life Jackets for all participants

Anchor and rope

Safety Whistle

Paddles / Oars

A Secure Tow Point built into raft

drop-off Schedule

Wave emails w/ your Labor Day launch time will be emailed the week before Labor Day.

Wave 1 & 2 Sunday Drop Off 1pm - 2pm

Wave 3 & 4 Sunday Drop Off 2pm - 3pm

Wave 5 & 6 Sunday Drop Off 3pm - 4pm

Wave 7 & 8 Sunday Drop Off 4pm - 5pm

Boat take-out, pick-up, and trailer parking

How do we get off the river, how do I pickup my boat / homemade raft, where can I park w/ my boat trailer???

The boat ramp at West Festival Park is the ending point for the Raft Race. All boats, Kayaks / Canoes included, use the boat ramp to exit the water.

At the top of the boat ramp there is a gate that enters the adjacent property to the South which is a concrete plant. We use the concrete plant yard for easy access for boat pickup.

All homemade rafts, canoes, and kayaks are taken into the concrete plant to allow the owners to pickup then. The vehicle entrance to the concrete plant is only accessible from 23rd st turning North into the plant.

TRAILER PARKING : All boat / raft trailers are to park in the Riverside Skate Park Lot. It is on the South side of 23rd st across from the concrete plant. This makes for easy Raft Pick-up as you can exit the skate park lot, and drive directly across 23rd st into the concrete plant where your boat will be waiting.

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